tim olson

A site reliability engineer targeting all things Kubernetes. Coming from SWE I love working all parts of the stack. I specifically provide Kubernetes as a platform along with the administration, onboarding, and life-cycle of applications. Long live Linux.

St. Paul, MN

tim olson

Site Reliability Engineer / K8s PaaS Engineer

About Me

Welcome to my little corner of the internet! This place serves as a home to describe myself and host my random musings.

I value being a software engineering generalist. Kubernetes has been my latest obsession. I got my start with Kube in early 2017 building baremetal Kuberentes (and it’s my requirement as with all BM users to say that). These days I work with containers in the cloud, and my own humble homelab.

Latest Blog Post

pifrost: An external DNS for pi-hole

Tue, Feb 22, 2022

raspberrypi pi-hole kubernetes homelab server linux development go

A showcase of pifrost, an external DNS provider I wrote to provide network-wide DNS for my homelab kubernetes. This controller works by watching Ingress and Service events in kubernetes. If an event matches a criterea (described within), a DNS record is created in pi-hole and thus the service is available via DNS on my local network. [ ... continued in blog ... ]